Otisco Lake


Otisco Lake is the easternmost of the Finger Lakes and is located southwest of Syracuse, NY. It is 5.4 miles long and 0.75 miles in maximum width, with an average depth of 33 feet and a maximum depth of 66 feet. Nine Mile Creek is the outlet on the north end and it feeds into Onondaga Lake.

There is a rock causeway (left from an old road) across the southern end of the lake, dividing the main lake from the “pond” side. The causeway is a popular spot for shore anglers three seasons of the year. A dam at the northern end added nine feet of depth to Otisco Lake and allows for control of lake levels by Onondaga County, which uses Otisco Lake as a water source. There is a public park on the east side in Amber, which has shore access and allows for kayak and car-top boat launching. Trailered boats can launch for a fee at two private launches on the southeast corner of the lake on Otisco Valley Rd.